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The following is an attempt of mine to create a page on Minami Ozaki's most popular series, Zetsuai 1989 and Bronze. I'm currently trying to learn Japanese by summerizing a number of selective chapters from the series (from Bronze right now), but because of my lack of Japanese, I can only attempt a some what accurate summary (at least I'm trying). I know that there are many other Ozaki fans out there who knows a great deal of Japanese, and I would like to ask for their help to contribute on this project. This is a very long series and at the rate I'm going at, will probaby never be done for a very, very long time. Plus the fact that I spontaniously jump from 1 series to another, I don't know when I'll be done with this project. I tend to go on & off with my hobbies.

Ever since I've been introduced to this series, I've known that this series deserves to be reconized more and deserves to be translated for fans everywhere. And for some strange reason, very few has attempted to translate the manga. So after all these years, I've decided to take the first step and do as many as I can. So please, if anyone can help and contribute to this project, I'm waiting for any replies.

~Kamui K~


The series is serialized on the 5th & 20th, in the bi-weekly magazine
called Margaret, published by Shueisha,Inc.


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